chemfidence, a company of the solvadis group, is committed to observing high standards of responsibility, fairness and integrity in their conduct. Everything we do is predicated on strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Our code of conduct is therefore applicable and binding upon all employees and managers of chemfidence.

Companies should not only be concerned with the pursuit of profit, they are also expected to develop their business by acting in accordance with social standards and contributing to society.

chemfidence believes that thorough regulatory compliance is essential to meet these expectations. We focus on communicating and establishing a compliance mentality among employees and pursue company-wide efforts to facilitate collaboration and teamwork through daily communication among employees.

Compliance Initiative of the Sojitz Group

The Sojitz Group’s Corporate Statement is honored through the Sojitz Group Code of Conduct and Ethics—a set of decision-making standards established to act as the foundation for all of Sojitz Group’s business activities around the world.

The Sojitz Group includes many operating bases outside Japan, and therefore actively works to enhance understanding and practice of compliance not only in Japan, but at the global level.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics has been translated into 23 languages, including Japanese and English to enable all Group employees in Japan and overseas to acquire a shared compliance mindset.