chemfidence is one of the pioneers of e-commerce in Germany. Since 1998, we have offered electronic product catalogs for the optimization of purchasing processes in the industry.

1998: operating SAP Online Store
2001: providing electronic catalogs
2005: operating chemfidence shop

chemfidence provides an electronic ordering and invoicing process via SAP direct connection, Business Connector, OCI punchout or other data formats such as XML, xCBL. Catalog formats such as BMEcat and classification systems such as eCl@ss are part of our standard.

Due to our extensive know-how in the field of e-commerce, we support our customers in testing, implementation and integration of the existing customer systems, thus business processes can be accelarated and made more efficient.

Electronic distribution channels

Since 2005 chemfidence has been operating a purchasing portal based on the hybris e-business platform. This solution offers a media-independent management of product information, including output in online and print channels. Beyond the existing catalogs, customized catalogs and ranges can be incorporated at any time. Access to product ranges and catalogs can be steered by the individual customer.

In our online shop our customers are currently able to choose between more than 1 million articles, 10 chemfidence range catalogs, 14 suppliers' / manufacturers' catalogs and a variety of customized assortment catalogs.

Using punchout, the shop can be integrated into the solution for the customer with full functionality.

chemfidence provides its customers with multi-vendor catalogs in electronic form on the following marketplaces / platforms: