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President of Sojitz Corporation visits chemfidence at Industriepark Höchst

Sojitz Chemical Division

Masayoshi Fujimoto

President and CEO
Sojitz Corporation

new methanol tank

from the left:

Osamu Iwai, CFO Sojitz Europe

Masayoshi Fujimoto, President and CEO Sojitz Corp.

Alois Strott, CEO chemfidence services gmbh

Kenji Maeta, COO solvadis deutschland gmbh

On 18 October 2018 the Representative Director, President and CEO of Sojitz Corparation, Mr. Masayoshi Fujimoto, and thus the highest ranking representative of the Sojitz Group, visited chemfidence at Industriepark Höchst together with three other colleagues (Mr. Osamu Iwai CFO Sojitz Europe, Mr. Osamu Matsuura General Manager Sojitz Corp., Mr. Kenji Maeta COO Solvadis Deutschland GmbH).

Alois Strott Managing Director of chemfidence was very pleased with the high attendance.

After a short introduction to the company and an overview of the efficiency of the industrial park, which Mr. Strott gave to his Japanese colleagues, they all went on a tour of the industrial park.

Special stops included the fully automated high-bay warehouse of Infraserv Logistics, where Ms. Sonja Schoeltzke, Head of Warehousing & Customer Service, gave an impressive insight into the handling processes of this fully automated high-bay warehouse.

Another stop was the tank farm, where our long-term leased tanks for methanol, acetone and isopropanol are located. The new methanol tank, which went into operation in June of this year, was of course a special focus and Mr. Strott again explained the supply principle via pipelines to the customers in industrial park Höchst.

Of course, we also visited the Peter-Behrens-Bau with its tower and bridge once a symbol of the former Hoechst AG (see photo).

President Fujimoto was very impressed by the industrial park and of course by the efficiency and sustainability of chemfidence.

He thanked all those involved who made the visit an unforgettable event for him and his colleagues and announced that there would certainly be another visit the following year.


Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation is a Tokyo, Japan based company and was formed through the union of Nichimen Corporation and Nissho Iwai Corporation, both companies that boast incredibly long histories. For more than 150 years, their business has helped support the development of countless countries and regions. Today, the Sojitz Group consists of approximately 400 subsidiaries and affiliates located in Japan and throughout the world, developing wide-ranging general trading company operations in a multitude of areas and regions.

Sojitz Group produces and sells methanol in the Asia region, with sales of more than 1 million tons annually. There is wide-ranging demand for methanol as a basic ingredient in products including paints, plastics, adhesives, and medicines, and it has also garnered interest as a future source of environmentally-friendly “clean energy.” Through this acquisition, Sojitz Group aims to expand its annual trading volume to more than 2 million tons and enlarge the company’s position as a global player within the methanol industry. At the same time, following completion of the transaction, Sojitz aims to create synergies within the basic and specialty chemical sectors, integrating the marketing and distribution strengths of solvadis group in Europe into Sojitz’ global sales network.

solvadis group

solvadis group is a Frankfurt, Germany based company specializing in the European and international marketing and distribution of chemical and pharmaceutical products. Having emerged from former Metallgesellschaft AG the group has since developed into a reliable and respected partner of the chemical industry. With its proven marketing concept and its long-term relationships to producers and customers, solvadis has established itself as one of the leading chemical marketers and distributors. The company is recognized for its strengths in sales of basic chemicals such as sulphur, sulphuric acid, and in particular, methanol, of which it handles more than 1 million tons per year. Utilizing its chemical tanks and other logistics facilities at the heart of Europe’s industrial area along the river Rhine.

Company Overview - solvadis holding S.à r.l.

Main Business Chemical Distribution and Marketing
Head Office Königsberger Straße 1, 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Number of Employees 140
Sales Offices / Logistics Center Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Gernsheim, Antwerp, Rotterdam and others

chemfidence services gmbh

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chemfidence, a member of the solvadis group, based in the Industriepark Höchst, has over 40 years of experience as a competent industrial supplier for companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the related process industry in Germany. With innovative storage and logistics concepts, the company guarantees the reliable and on-schedule supply of raw materials, solvents and high-quality operational materials. With the bundled purchasing conditions of the solvadis group and the efficient plant network of the Industriepark Höchst, chemfidence contributes to the highest possible competitiveness of the production site. The chemfidence online shop contains over one million items. Not only large corporations, but also small and medium-sized enterprises, profit from the resulting advantages, which are not confined to purchasing conditions. chemfidence is certified to DIN ISO 9001.

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